Current Inventory

This is our standard inventory of powder coating colours. Alternative colours not on this list could incur a surcharge, please contact us for more information with your requirements.

Note: finishes marked with a (*) refer to textured finishes

Matt Black Dulux Duratec 900 97181 K.G PC-MBL
Mannex Matt Black G.2* Dulux Duralloy 915 9056Z K.G PC-MXBL
Black Ace  Dulux Electro™ 906 9116F K.G PC-BLA
LSG Matt Black G.2  Dulux Duralloy 915 9041M PC-MBL-LSG
High Gloss Black  Dulux PG 288 288 58653 K.G PC-HG-BL
Satin Black  Dulux Duralloy 915 5861 K.G PC-STBL
Sable Black* Interpon      - GN 341A PC-ISBL
Sable Bass* Interpon      - GN297A PC-ISBA
Flat White  Dulux Electro™ 906 1200F K.G PC-FWH
Appliance White G.3 Dulux Duralloy 916 588853 K.G PC-AWH
Matt Appliance White  Dulux Duralloy 915 1274 M K.G PC-MAW
Off White G.2  Dulux Duralloy 915 58804 K.G PC-OWH
Black White G.2  Dulux PG 288 288 1273M K.G PC-BWH
Mannex Titania G.2* Dulux Duralloy 915 3043Z K.G  PC-MTI
LSG Matt Titania G.2  Dulux Duralloy 915 2068M K.G PC-MTI-LSG
Pearl White  Dulux PG 288 288 97434 K.G PC-PWH
Warm White Pearl Matt Kinetic Dulux Duralloy 915 1176K K.G PC-WPMK
LSG Satin White  Dulux Duralloy 915 85355 K.G PC-SWH-LSG
Metropolis White Knight  Dulux Duralloy 915 96883 K.G PC-MWHK
Mannex White* Dulux PG 288 901 33641 K.G  PC-MXW
Mannex Appliance White* Dulux Duralloy 915 1171 Z K.G PC-MXAW
Metro Warm White Pearl Kinetic  Dulux Duralloy 915 2075K K.G PC-WPK
Arctic White  Dulux Duralloy 915 58851 K.G PC-AWH
Clean Linen  Dulux Electro 2™ 906 1302K PC-CLI
Thunder Grey G.2  Dulux Duralloy 915 97129 K.G PC-TGR
Matt Ironsand  Dulux Duratec 900 8109M K.G  PC-MIS
LSG Matt Charcoal G.2  Dulux Duralloy 915 9058M K.G PC-MCH
Metropolis Coal Dust Kinetic G.2 Dulux Duralloy 915 9069K K.G PC-MCD
LSG Matt Grey Friars G.2  Dulux Duralloy 915 7167M K.G PC-MGF
Gunmetal Metallic Kinetic  Dulux Duralloy 915 8115K K.G PC-GMK
Ano Ultra Grey Black Dulux Electro ™ 906 9169 F PC-AUGB
LSG Matt Sandstone Grey G.2  Dulux Duralloy 915 7217M (Duralloy) PC-MSG-LSG
Platypus Kinetic  Dulux Duralloy 915 7214k (Duralloy) PC-PKI
Matt Slate  Dulux NC 915 7589M PC-MSL
Matt Charcoal Dulux Duratec 900 9081M  PC-MCH
Matt Flax Pod Dulux Duralloy 915 9145M PC-MFP
Matt O'Keefe Grey Dulux  Duralloy 915 7400M PC-MOG
Matt Gravel Dulux Duralloy 915 7404M PC-MGR
Matt Kauri  Dulux Duralloy 915 8159M PC-MKA
Dark Bronze  Dulux Electro™ 906 8184K K.G  PC-DBR
Window Bronze Kinetic Dulux Duralloy 900 8068K PC-WBK
Burnished Copper  Dulux Electro™ 906 8185K PC-BCO
Anotec Dark Bronze G.2  Dulux Duralloy 915 58752 PC-ADB
Medium Bronze  Dulux Electro™ 906 8183k PC-MBR
Mineral Brown Kinetic  Dulux Duralloy 915 8204K PC-MBK
Tirerius Dulux Electro™ 906 2210K PC-TIR
Metropolis Electric Cow Matt Kinetic Dulux Duralloy 915 8028K PC-MECMK
Silver Star Kinetic  Dulux Duralloy 915 7043K K.G PC-SSK
Silver Reign  Dulux Duratec 906 7614K K.G PC-SRE
Metropolis Silver Pearl Kinetic  Dulux Duralloy 915 7113K K.G PC-MSPK
ST Elmo's Fire Kinetic  Dulux Duralloy 915 7208K K.G PC-SEFK
Natural Silver Dulux Electro™ 906 7365K PC-NSI
Venerable Silver Dulux Electro™ 906 7621K PC-VSI
Crystal Clear Matt Dulux Crystal 904 1014M K.G PC-CCM
Crystal Clear Gloss Dulux Crystal 904 85520 K.G PC-CCG
Green Tea  Dulux Electro™ 906 6197K PC-GTE
Yellow Gold  Dulux PG 288 288 33617 K.G PC-YGO
Green Lantern  Dulux Electro™ 906 6342K PC-GLA
Fred  Dulux Electro™ 906 4164K PC-FRE
Sky (Medium Blue, Pacific Range) Dulux PG288 288-58613 K.G PC-SKY