Where is Chant hardware made?
Chant hardware is proudly designed and manufactured in Auckland New Zealand.

What is a "Living Finish" ?
A living finish is one that will continue to age and develop a patina over time. This is applied to solid brass or bronze hardware, and is natural finish.We do not apply any form of clear coating so that there is a natural aging process.

Can I have a custom product made?
Our significant point of difference is our ability to customize bespoke matching hardware. We have the design and engineering expertise, experience and capability to manufacture hardware required for project - large or small. 

Where can I view the Chant's product range?
Chant hardware is on display in various showrooms internationally. For your nearest showroom please visit here or email us. 

What guarantee do you offer on your products?
Please refer to our warranty page here.

What materials are commonly in the manufacture of Chant hardware?
All door hardware is made from brass or bronze base metal. Handles and components are cast, forged or machined from solid material. Some products are in 316 stainless steel. All our locks are made from brass and stainless steel.