Green Initiative

Chant is committed to creating highly functional door hardware that endures changing tastes and trends.
We acknowledge that the building industry has an important role to play in reducing the negative environmental impact that comes with realising peoples desires for quality homes and work environments.

Chant negates wasteful consumption by providing door hardware and door accessories in unrivaled quality and finish, with an extensive lifespan to match.

Key considerations include:
  • Our castings and components in both brass and bronze are made up of recycled scrap augmented with virgin material where required. Our own metal wastes are kept separate and returned to the extrusion and casting manufacturers in a semi-closed-loop cycle.
  • Our finished products are easily disassembled in a reversal of our fastened assemblies, and are all totally recyclable.
  • Our range of 'living finish' accelerated-aged products are continuing to gain popularity as our customers feel more comfortable exploring finishes that harmonise with their surroundings, and have a sound ecological advantage.
  • Our packaging is essentially all of cotton or paper derived materials using as much post-consumer recycled content as commercially possible wherever practicable.
  • Chant will continue to explore avenues to further negate the environmental impacts of manufacturing in the modern era.