Kinloch Lodge

Upmarket getaway on the shore of Lake Taupo has weathered dark brass door and window handles and locks from Chant Hardware

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Like being greeted by a warm smile or a firm handshake, the feel of high-end door joinery makes you feel welcome, comfortable and at ease. And nowhere are first impressions more important to repeat business than in a luxury country lodge.

The Kinloch Club at Taupo has announced the opening of its new luxury lodge at the world-class golfing and spa resort destination. As you would expect from a New Zealand hospitality venue of this calibre, designed by multi-award winning Andrew Patterson of Patterson Architects, everything about the development is top-notch – right down to the designer door handles by Chant Hardware.

Apart from the entry door, Chant provided all the hardware for The Lodge at Kinloch, says the family company's owner Graham Chant.

"As with all our commercial and residential work, everything for the upmarket lodge was precision machined on CNC equipment, then hand-polished and assembled to the highest possible standard.

"The refined handles are made out of solid brass with an aged finish, Weathered Brass Dark. The distinctive square handles – called Pad Handles – provide a striking addition to the lodge. We supplied VS Locks for the sliding doors, Line Lever handles for the hinge doors, and the distinctive Pad handles for both hinge and pivot doors."

Chant was well placed to meet this upmarket,one-off order – it has a large manufacturing plant in Auckland with all the latest precision, computer-controlled machinery. The company can tweak its existing popular ranges for a match to a project, or design and build from scratch to meet the custom needs of architects, specifiers and business owners – whether for hospitality, education or commerce.