Powder coat

We offer a large range of Powder Coated colours which are generally applied to brass as the base metal, and to a limited degree aluminium and 316 stainless steel tubular pull handles.

Whether you are looking to colour match to your aluminium or steel joinery or wanting to ensure your handles stand out, there is a colour to suit.

Black is a common request and bronze / brown options are becoming popular for external side joinery when paired with our Weathered Brass Dark (WBD) finish on the internal handles. This ensures your external 'living finished' products remain brown rather than potentially turning verdigree, especially an issue in highly exposed coastal areas.

The selection is largely sourced from the Dulux Duralloy, Mannex and Electro product ranges, with over 100 colours, see the booklet in the link below.

Colours are available in 3kg pails, so are stocked or available with no or minimal cost surcharge. For a very unusual colour that is generally unlikely to be used on door hardware or for a very small batch requirement then, a surcharge may apply.

Duratec colours offered by Dulux are primarily for use in the aluminium joinery industry or where a higher performance is required. These are generally only available in 20kg boxes or sometimes part boxes. Price on application.

  • Our special surface preparation ensures long adhesion life
  • Dulux warrant their Duralloy products for colour performance for 10 years
  • Other branded colours available by request, surcharges will apply

Click here to see the Dulux colour range booklet, sourced from Dulux New Zealand.  The Australian selection of colours from Dulux are not directly comparable to the NZ range.

To see our current inventory on hand click here

PC-MBL PC-FWH Natural Silver
Matt Black
Matt White
Natural Silver
+ Dulux Clinikill Additive


We can powder coat our products with Dulux Clinikill in their extensive range of colours. Dulux Clinikill differs from cooper-based options by using silver ions to provide antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal properties on our product surfaces.

Dulux Clinikill Brochure PDF